Stephen Wicker, Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering, speaks with an attendee about his technology. Fabien Campagne, Assistant Professor in Physiology & Biophysics, Weill Cornell Medical College, speaks with Cornell Alum Yair Holtzman, WTP Advisors, about his technology. Kang Chen, Postdoc in Pathology, Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses his technology with CCTEC managers Liyan He and Phillip Owh, and attendee Peter Luo. Sasikanth Manipatruni, Graduate Student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, speaks with Anne Schneiderman, Marjama Muldoon Blasiak & Sullivan. Herm Cukier, working with Dr. John Savarese from the Department of Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, shares information about a technology, “Establishing New Standard of Care in Anesthesia”, during the showcase. Derek Small, CEO of Coferon, Inc., a Weill Cornell Medical College startup, shares information about the company with Peter Zullo, an MBA candidate from the Johnson Graduate School of Management. Edwin Kan, Professor in Electrical & Computer Engineering, discusses his technology with showcase attendee Jeff Furst. Christine Tan, Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering, speaks with an attendee. Tom Brenna, Professor of Nutritional Sciences, networks with Alice Li, CCTEC, and attendee Peter Luo. Darren Southworth, Graduate Research Assistant in Materials Science & Engineering, explains his technology to an attendee. Martin Hicks, Postdoc from Weill Cornell Medical College, explains his technology, “Anti-Addiction Vaccines”, to attendee Jeff Furst. Chunhui Xiang, Postdoc in Fiber Science & Apparel Design, discusses her technology with an attendee. John Amend, Graduate Student in Mechanical Engineering, networks with an attendee. Jun Tae Kim, Postdoc, Fiber Science & Apparel Design, presented his technology 'Soy-Based Fibers and Fibrous Structures for Bioremediation and Pest Management' during the showcase. Manuel Villa, Principal Research Scientist, Molecular Biology & Genetics, explains his technology 'Methods to Improve Alcohol Tolerance in Microorganisms for More Efficient Ethanol Production' to attendee Jeff Furst. William Dichtel, Assistant Professor in Chemistry & Chemical Biology, participates in the showcase. Robby Bowles, Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering and Lawrence Bonassar, Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering. George Lewis, Graduate Student in Biomedical Engineering and William Olbricht, Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering. Pengbo Zhou, Associate Professor of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, Weill Cornell Medical College, and Liyan He, CCTEC. Mark Riccio, Biomedical Sciences, and Robert Gilmour, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Education, Collegeo of Veterinary Medicine. Tricia Lin and Kenneth Wang from Hybrid Silica Technologies, a Cornell startup focused on developing nano-structured silica materials for use in the life sciences, consumer, energy, and electronic industries. Suresh Sridaran, Graduate Student in Electrical & Computer Engineering.