Pouria Pezeshkian (left), graduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, explains his personalized stringed musical instruments. Attendees network and view posters at CCTEC's New Business & Emerging Technology Showcase. Margaret Frey (left), Associate Professor of Fiber Science & Apparel Design, along with graduate student Kaitlin Schrote (middle), talk with an attendee about a device for signaling radiation exposure. Guests mingle and learn about Cornell technologies and companies at CCTEC's Showcase at Celebration. Tommy Bruce (left) and Adam Palcich (middle), both of University Communications, present the Honeycomb Web Tool at the showcase. Lian-Wee Luo (left), graduate student in Electrical & Computer Engineering, speaks to an attendee about high performance multi-chip optical connection technology. Attendees enjoy lunch and networking at CCTEC's Showcase. Adam Tow, CEO of Seraph Robotics, Inc., shows a demo and tells attendees about his company. Jonathan Tse (left) and Benjamin Tang (right), both graduate students in Electrical & Computer Engineering, participate in the showacse and present a poster on a low power GPS processor. Misha Kwasniewski (left), graduate student in Food Science & Technology, presents a device that can detect and quantify elemental sulfur. Showcase attendees view posters and talk with inventors. Bernardo Cordovez (right), CEO of Optofluidics, Inc., shares information about the company. Showcase attendees and inventors network and discuss Cornell technologies. Graduate Student Nadeem Khan (left), presents a technology that can increase the functionality of implantable devices. Mahmut Aksit (left), graduate student in Materials Science & Engineering, talks about a technique for transforming waste heat into energy. Noah Snavely (right), Assistant Professor of Computer Science, tells an attendee about 3D software that can be used as an alternative to GPS. Michael Kelley (left), Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, participates in the showcase and shares information on technology that can predict earthquakes. Research Associate Desen Zheng (right), shares information about a biological control system for crown gall of grape vines. Michael Mazourek (left), Assistant Professor of Plant Breeding & Genetics, tells attendees about 'Amber Delight' Butternut Squash.