Vladislav Sandler (middle), Medicine, discusses his technology with showcase attendees. Krystal Lum (left), Animal Science, shares information about her technology with an attendee. Marc Fuchs (right), Plant Pathology, networks and talks with an attendee about his resistance to grapevine fanleaf virus technology. Don-Hyung Ha (right), Materials Science & Engineering, explains his technology. Attendees enjoy lunch and networking at CCTEC's New Business & Emerging Technology Showcase. Ashley Macner (left), Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, talks about her technology - a parallel and individually controlled electro-osmosis manipulator.  Yoshi Okawachi (left), Applied & Engineering Physics, shares information about Cornell startup, PicoLuz. Harold Cheyne (right) of Cornell's Laboratory of Ornithology discusses his technology - a low-power system to collect and store acoustic data. Laura Lange (left), Fiber Science & Apparel Design, tells an attendee about a fabric that adsorbs pesticides. Showcase attendees enjoy lunch and networking. Deepti Gopalakrishnan (right), Chemistry & Chemical Biology, answers questions on a fluorescent polymer that is capable of detecting trace explosives. John Amend (right) of Empire Robotics shares information about the Cornell startup. Showcase attendees and inventors network and discuss Cornell technologies. Serhan Ardanuc, Electrical & Computer Engineering discusses his technology with an attendee. Showcase attendees enjoy lunch and mingling. Jess Lyga (right), Plant Licensing Associate, CCTEC, describes new grape and potato varieties coming out of Cornell. Guests mingle and learn about Cornell technologies and companies at CCTEC's Showcase at Celebration.