CEO of Ecolectro, Inc., Gabriel Rodriguez-Calero, Discusses the Company's Polymer Membranes. John Kallassy, CEO of Bactana Animal Health, Talks with a Showcase Attendee about FPS-4™. Zach Leidig, CEO of FloraPulse, Discusses Their Innovative Data-Based Solutions for Farm Management. Showcase Attendees Enjoy Lunch While Watching Videos of Select Cornell Inventors. Celebration Attendees Network During CTL's New Business & Emerging Technology Showcase. Senior Technology Licensing Officer, Jeff Fearn, Experiences the Weill Cornell Sensing Attention Invention. CTL Executive Director, Alice Li, Chats with Inventors of Soft Robotics in the CREATION Station of the Showcase. Inventors of the Intelligent Occupancy Sensing for Heating Control in Low Occupancy Space Discuss Their Technology.