Will Dichtel, Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Chemical Biology, presents his technology 'Graphene-Enhanced Growth of Covalent Organic Frameworks (COFs)'. Amit Lal, Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, presents his nanopositioning device to CTVF attendees. Cornell Assisant Fooball Coach, Pete DeStefano and one of his players, demonstrate how to use the athletic training device he invented, called BearClaw™. Alyosha Molnar, Assistant Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, presents his 'Chip Image Sensor for Biomedical and Security Uses' to the audience. President of iFyber, Eric Eisenhut, explains the company to attendees. Paul Soloway, Founder of Odyssey Molecular, gives a presentation about the company. 'Show Me the Money:  Getting Your Business Funded in Today's Environment' Lunch Panel (left to right) - Zach Shulman, Cayuga Venture Fund, Russ Howard, High Peaks Venture Partners, Robin Lockwood, Flybridge Capital Partners, and Bill McCullen, Launch Capital. Stephen Curry, CEO of ADispell, tells audience members about the Cornell startup. CEO Travis Wilson, presents his company, Stealth Peptides, to attendees. David Putnam, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, presents his technology 'Medical Uses of Novel Polymers in Wound Healing and Surgical Procedures'. Jonathan Zippin of Weill Cornell Medical College presents his technology, Melanoma Diagnostic Test, during CTVF. Bob Norris, Secretary of NYAG (New York Apple Growers), explains the Cornell startup to attendees. Attendees learn about emerging technologies and new business coming out of Cornell during the poster viewing session. CTVF guests enjoy hors d'oeuvres, drinks, and networking during the evening reception.