Jessie Barry, Merlin Project Leader from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, presents Merlin - an online wizard for bird identification. Nathan Ball, CEO of NOHMs Technologies, Inc., pitches the company to CTVF attendees. Erica Jung, Graduate Student in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, presents her evanescent wave photonic bioreactor technology. Jerry Gordon of Cornell Environmental Health & Safety presents Cornell startup, SafetyStratus, Inc. Alan Lakso, Professor of Horticultural Sciences, and Vinay Pagay, Graduate Student in Horticulture, present their device for measuring water status in plants. Computer Science graduate student, Myle Ott, presents his technology that can detect deceptive online reviews. Amit Lal, Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, speaks about his self-calibrating viscosity sensor. Daniel Freedman, postdoc in Computer Science, talks about gaining insight into networks through better instrumentation. Harold Cheyne of the Cornell Lab of Ornithology presents a method for compensation of temperature dependence of quartz crystal oscillators. Olivier Elemento, Assistant Professor of Physiology & Biophysics at Weill Cornell Medical College, discusses a technology related to identification of mechanisms of drug action and resistance. Professor Larry Walker of Biological & Environmental Engineering presents technologies for biofuels and green chemistry at CTVF. Ling Qi, Assistant Professor of Nutritional Science, speaks about a new method for prevention and treatment of type-2 Diabetes. Michael Nelson, Founder & Managing Member of Boa-Bag LLC, presents the Cornell startup to attendees. Professor Francis Barany, Microbiology & Immunology of Weill Cornell Medical College, presents Cornell startup iCareDx at CTVF. Attendees view posters and mingle at the 2011 Cornell Technology Venture Forum.