Lang Tong, Professor of Electrical & Computer Engineering, presents his technology for large scale charging of electric vehicles. Cornell alum and RIT Professor, Stephen Boedo, speaks about an elastic squeeze-film total hip replacement. Stephane Corgie, Research Associate in Biological & Environmental Engineering, speaks about novel catalytic materials and engineering processes for industrial and environmental applications. Adam Tow, CEO of Seraph Robotics, presents the Cornell startup to attendees. Matthew Mancuso, Graduate Student in Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering, presents a system and methods for nutrition monitoring via smartphones. Hao Lin, Founder & CEO of Linnovision, explains the company to attendees. Electrical & Computer Engineering Graduate Student, Nithin Michael, speaks about an optimal routing algorithm. David Putnam, Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, explains his vaccine delivery platform for robust humoral and cellular immune responses. Manfred Lindau, Professor of Applied & Engineering Physics, presents an electrophysiological detector chip for highly parallel measurements on live cells at the event. John Savarese, Professor of Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College, describes a fast, reversible neuromuscular blocker. Anthony Sauve, Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Weill Cornell Medical College, speaks about nicotinamide riboside fortified foods and beverages. Michael Nelson, CFO of Allovate, explains the new Cornell startup to CTVF attendees. Chris Xu, Associate Professor of Applied & Engineering Physics, presents multiphoton endoscopy. Bruce Toman, Technology Commercialization & Liaison Officer at CCTEC, presents a deep brain stimulation therapy for traumatic brain injury at CTVF. Attendees view posters and mingle at the 2012 Cornell Technology Venture Forum. Guests network and learn more about Cornell technologies and new business at the event.