Attendees gather during the Poster Viewing session at Cornell Technology Venture Forum. Jason Hoople presenting the Sonic Destressing Vest. Jose Martinez presenting on DRAM Scheduling: Taking the CPU Side. David Putnam presenting on Synthetic Lubricants to Prevent and Treat Joint Conditions. David Erickson presenting on the Evanescent Wave Photonic Bioreactor. Kate Rochlin presenting on the Cornell startup Immunovent. Serhan Ardanuc presenting on the Cornell startup Suntomics. Nick Cheney presenting on Designing Objects via Interactive Evolution Driven by Eye-tracking. Roy Cohen presenting on Tethered Enzyme Technology in Point of Care for Brain Injuries and Stroke. Mike King presenting on Unnatural Killer Cells: TRAIL-coated Leukocytes that Kill Cancer Cells in the Bloodstream. Robert MacCurdy presenting on the Generic Programmable Tag (GPT). Michael Novinski presenting on Cornell startup Androvia, Inc.