Li Jiang, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, presents Cornell startup A'as Inc. Steve Sibulkin, CEO & Greg Levow, President & COO, presents Cornell startup Agronomic Technology Corp. Jessica Lyga, CCTEC Technology Commercialization & Liaison Officer, shares new Cornell apple varieties. Bruce Toman, Technology Commercialization & Liaison Officer, presents Cornell startup ArcScan. Igor Labutov, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, presents his technology 'A Method of Assessment of Learners’ Knowledge from Learner-Learner Interaction Patterns.' Minglin Ma, Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering, presents his technology 'Treating Type 1 Diabetes with TRAFFIC.' Michael Nelson, CFO, Immunovent, LLC, presents 'Nasalign: A Nasal Spray Device.' Attendees network at CTVF luncheon and poster viewing session. CTVF attendees discuss posters with inventors. Rafael Pass, Cornell Tech, presents technology 'Anonymous Ad-hoc Survey.' Michael Nelson, CFO, Immunovent, LLC, presents 'SmellAgain: Delivering Home Therapy Olfactory Stimulation.' Rachel Dorin, President and CEO, presents Cornell startup Terapore Technologies, Inc. Stephane Corgie, Founder-CEO, presents Cornell startup ZYMtronix.