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As part of the university's commitment to economic development and outreach, CTL hosts a variety of events to create connections between the Cornell campuses, industry members, entrepreneurs, and investors.

IP & Pizza™ Carving New Paths in Today’s Patenting Landscape: A Three-Part Series
December 6, 2016 - 12:00pm - 1:30pm

Weill Cornell Medicine, Weill Greenburg Center, 2nd Floor, Room C

Open to: Weill Cornell Medicine students, faculty, and staff, and anyone interested in learning about the CTL tech transfer process.

Attendees joined the Center for Technology Licensing (CTL) for a three-part series exploring the current challenges surrounding intellectual property for algorithms, drug targets and software. Technology Licensing Officer, Vibhu Sachdev, presented landmark cases in each area and facilitated discussion on how to carve new paths in today’s patenting landscape.

Tuesday, October 11 - How to Protect IP around Algorithms
Weill Greenburg Center, 2nd Floor, Rooms A/B

Thursday, November 3 - Challenges of Protecting Drug Targets
Belfer Research Building, Room 204 A/B

Tuesday, December 6 - Opportunities for Software IP Protection
Weill Greenburg Center, 2nd Floor, Rooms B/C

Pizza, salad, and drinks were served.

To view photos of the event please click here.