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As part of the university's commitment to economic development and outreach, CTL hosts a variety of events to create connections between the Cornell campuses, industry members, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Inventions Roundtable™ - Cancer Diagnostics
February 18, 2009 - 7:30am - 10:30am

Weill Greenberg Center Conference Room A

Open to: Invitation only

This event featured three Weill Cornell Medical College inventor presentations in the area of cancer diagnostics. Invited guests provided feedback on each technology in the areas of marketability and applications.

The presentations included:

  • Molecular Profiling to Improve Classification of Thyroid Tumor Types
    Nimmi Arora, Department of Surgery
  • Predicting Drug Efficacy in Individual Cancer Patients
    Scott Ely, Associate Professor, Department of Clinical Pathology & Laboratory Medicine
  • A Novel Recognition/Detection Technology for Diagnostics and Research
    Samie Jaffrey, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Click here to view photos from the event.