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As part of the university's commitment to economic development and outreach, CTL hosts a variety of events to create connections between the Cornell campuses, industry members, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Cornell University Biotechnology Building G10

Keynote Presentations

  • Robert Parker

    Chief Technology Officer, Samsung SmartThings

    "Intelligent Systems and the Evolution of IoT"
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    Abstract: SmartThings has been joined by a host of companies in bringing intelligence to IOT devices. SmartThings started by improving simple interactions like delaying sprinklers based on rain being in the weather forecast, or providing behaviors like vacation lighting which provided life-like patterns for devices while people were away from home. The next phase of IOT will be driven by the composing of intelligent systems which will enable users to solve issues without becoming an expert or needing an expert. This talk will introduce many of the early challenges as well as the opportunities in bringing together intelligent systems through an open platform. Enabling intelligent networks requires both new primitives and changes to existing integration models to bring intelligence to end users.

    Robert Parker is the Chief Technology Officer at SmartThings. Prior to being hired at SmartThings, Parker served as Director of Engineering for Amazon working on a number of the company's top projects including Alexa, the Fire TV Stick, and Prime Music. Before that he spent 18 years at Microsoft as a General Manager.

  • Trung Tran

    Program Manager, DARPA

    "Moving Beyond The Sensors - Decision Making in a World of Ubiquitous Data"
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    Abstract: We are just at the advent of the internet of things today. Soon we will be living in a world of 20B things and 212B sensors, 85% of which will be connected in some way shape or form. They will be producing up to 44 Zettabytes worth of data. Today's internet was built to support about 12B users (2000 estimate of 2 computers for every human being on earth) and we struggle to process 100s of petabytes worth of data. We are not prepared for this flood of data. We need to understand a new way. This talk will discuss different approaches to distributing analytics out to the edge of the network. Enabling us to draw conclusions where data is collected. This means translating data to information and synthesizing that information into knowledge which can be shared and used to make decisions. The focus of the talk will be looking beyond sensor fusion to data analytics, developing an information centric network, and understanding security in the world of things.

    Mr. Trung Tran joined DARPA as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office in October 2015. Tran earned a BSEE from the US Air Force Academy and an MBA from Wharton- UPENN. While in the Air Force, he was stationed at Fort Meade and Hanscom AFB working under AIA. He developed cryptographic chips and command and control networks which focused on reducing time between sensor and shooter. He received 4 medals for his work in these areas. He has spent the last 15 years in Silicon Valley developing products which range from 100G Top of the Rack Switches, 1U Server Blades, and semiconductors including FPGAs, Memory, PHYs, and Framers. He is a former Vice Chairman of the JEDEC Board of Directors where he worked on the development of DDR3 and FBDIMM specifications. His interests included machine learning, data analytics, and non-conventional computer architecture.

  • Lionel Florit

    Principal, IoT and Mobile Technologies, Cisco Systems

    "IoT Interoperability, Vendor Lock In, and Possible Solutions for the Enterprise and the Cloud"
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    Abstract: IoT solutions are transforming our society, from security to productivity, safety and entertainment, opportunities are plentiful. An IoT solution addresses a specific issue with a set of protocols, devices, gateways, software. However, the speed of change is so high that very shortly, new technologies surface and what the previous IoT solution could do, the next one will do better in a much more cost-effective way. How do you integrate your legacy solution into a new one? You could very well be trapped with your legacy vendor and short of starting from scratch, there is no way to move to the next best thing. What should enterprises and individuals look for before investing into their next IoT endeavor? This is a problem few think about but wait for IoT applications to be deployed widely and some will start asking tough questions... These are the topics we will explore.

    Mr. Lionel Florit is driving CTO functions, developing and evaluating leading-edge technologies and IoT applications for Cisco's IoT architecture. He is responsible for kick starting Cisco's IoT solution architecture and engineering effort to create rapid customer prototypes, pilots, and Cisco validated solutions. He has more than 20 years of leadership experience in systems, software, and network engineering including roles in both engineering and marketing. He has led standards committees as chair, member of board of directors and editor. He has been recognized for outstanding leadership contribution. He has authored 12 patents with the US Patent and Trademark Office.