Cornell University

Opportunities and Challenges of the Connected World

Event Program

8:15AM Breakfast and Registration
A light fare will be served in the atrium during registration.
9:00 AM Welcome and Opening Remarks
Bob Buhrman, Senior Vice Provost for Research at Cornell University

Alice Li, Executive Director of the Center for Technology Licensing at Cornell University
9:10 AM Keynote Address: "Moving Beyond The Sensors - Decision Making in a World of Ubiquitous Data"
Trung Tran, DARPA Program Manager
10:00 AM Panel Discussion: "Sensors for IoT Applications: Emerging Trends, Challenges, and Opportunities"
Moderated by Mike Pinelis, President and CEO, MEMS Journal, Inc.

Panelists will include:
Amit Lal, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University;
Michal Lipson, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University;
John Chong, VP of Product and Business Development, Kionix, Inc.;
Matt Smith, Partner & COO, TandemLaunch, Inc.
10:50 AM Break
11:00 AM Focus Talk: "Preparing your IP for Success"
David Grant, CEO & Co-Founder,

Abstract: The patent landscape is complex and evolving. Inventors and scientists have different reasons, motives and objectives that drive innovation, however, they all have to understand the changing IP landscape if they desire to monetize their ideas. The objective of my talk is to encourage innovation, while providing an understanding for the time and effort to take an idea to a product or company, identify various viable options for undertaking the challenge, and positioning promising ideas for success.
11:25 AM Focus Talk: "Novel Materials for Next Generation Photonic Devices"
Michal Lipson, Professor, Electrical Engineering and Applied Physics, Columbia University

Abstract: Ultrafast optoelectronics devices, critical for future telecommunication and data ultra-high speed communications and data communications, have been limited in speed due to nature of the materials forming the devices. Only very few materials can be used today as substrates for high speed optoelectronics limiting the applicability of these devices and preventing their integration with other emerging platforms such as RF photonics and silicon photonics . I will discuss novel materials for integrated optics including SiC, SiN and 2D materials. In particular graphene offers the possibility to break the limitation of traditional photonic materials. Graphene has been shown theoretically to have very high electro-optic coefficient with ultra-high speed. We show the first demonstration of graphene-based ultra-high speed device (30GHz) consisting of a graphene sheet integrated on a passive non-electro-optically active substrate.
11:50 AM Lunch
A buffet lunch will be served in the atrium followed by dessert at your table.
12:30 PM Dessert and Keynote Address: "IoT Interoperability, Vendor Lock In, and Possible Solutions for the Enterprise and the Cloud"
Lionel Florit, Principal, IoT and Mobile Technologies, Cisco Systems

Abstract: IoT solutions are transforming our society, from security to productivity, safety and entertainment, opportunities are plentiful. An IoT solution addresses a specific issue with a set of protocols, devices, gateways, software. However, the speed of change is so high that very shortly, new technologies surface and what the previous IoT solution could do, the next one will do better in a much more cost-effective way. How do you integrate your legacy solution into a new one? You could very well be trapped with your legacy vendor and short of starting from scratch, there is no way to move to the next best thing. What should enterprises and individuals look for before investing into their next IoT endeavor? This is a problem few think about but wait for IoT applications to be deployed widely and some will start asking tough questions... These are the topics we will explore.
1:00 PM Focus Talk: "kHz to GHz Sonic MEMS – Towards Zero Power Sensor Nodes"
Amit Lal, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University

Abstract: This talk will present acoustic and ultrasonic devices and systems that solve challenges in Internet of Things (IoT) by helping to realize reliable sensor networks, reliable neural interfaces, and fast computation for reliable operation of autonomous systems. A novel lateral bimorph technology enables high density of multi-physical sensors for common mode noise cancellation while providing information to make reliable predictions about events occurring in the environment. The output from these sensors is processed using nonlinear quadratic properties of nano-electromechanical switches. The combination of the switch outputs can be used to realize ultra low power sensor networks. The talk will also present the piezoelectric microsystems designed at GHz frequencies enable chip-scale integration of drive electronics and transducers. With integration with deeply scaled CMOS that provides GHz electronics, one can envision chip-scale microsystems that provide unprecedented manipulation of sonic energy. We have used these chips to demonstrate sensing biological ultrasonic impedance to extract fingerprints and tissue type, communicate on a chip using ultrasonic pulses, and implemented ultrasonic memory.
1:25 PM Panel Discussion: "Privacy, Data and Compatibility Challenges Spanning Commercial, Industrial and Healthcare IoT Applications"
Moderated by Mike Kanellos, Head of Corporate Communications and Technology Analyst, OSISoft, LLC

Panelists will include:
Lionel Florit, Principal, IoT and Mobile Technologies, Cisco Systems;
David Grant, CEO & Co-Founder,;
Robert Parker, Chief Technology Officer, Samsung SmartThings;
Rachit Agarwal, Assistant Professor, Computer Science, Cornell University
2:15 PM Break
2:35 PM Focus Talk: "New Security and Privacy Challenges that IoT Presents"
Fred Schneider, Department Chair, Computer Science, Cornell University

Abstract: Getting security and privacy right is hard for ordinary networked computing systems. This talk will survey how IOT creates new challenges.
3:00 PM Focus Talk: "More with Less: How Data Changes Utilities"
Mike Kanellos, Head of Corporate Communications and Technology Analyst, OSISoft, LLC

Abstract: Power and water utilities are experiencing a wave of unprecedented challenges: aging infrastructure, heightened regulatory scrutiny, emerging technologies, rising costs and increasing competition. Data analytics will become a primary tool for escaping the so-called death spiral and creating new business models.
3:25 PM Break
3:35 PM Rapid Fire 5 Minute Pitch Session
Dakota O'Dell - VitaMe Technologies
Edwin Kan - "Indoor Real-Time 3D Locating of RFID Tags"
Jean Costa - "Mindless Computing"
Sahil Gupta - "Vibration Powered RF-Transponder"
4:00 PM Remarks from the College of Engineering
Emmanuel Giannelis, Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies and Walter R. Read Professor of Engineering, College of Engineering, Cornell University
4:10 PM Keynote Address: "Intelligent Systems and the Evolution of IoT"
Robert Parker, Chief Technology Officer, Samsung SmartThings

Abstract: SmartThings has been joined by a host of companies in bringing intelligence to IOT devices. SmartThings started by improving simple interactions like delaying sprinklers based on rain being in the weather forecast, or providing behaviors like vacation lighting which provided life-like patterns for devices while people were away from home. The next phase of IOT will be driven by the composing of intelligent systems which will enable users to solve issues without becoming an expert or needing an expert. This talk will introduce many of the early challenges as well as the opportunities in bringing together intelligent systems through an open platform. Enabling intelligent networks requires both new primitives and changes to existing integration models to bring intelligence to end users.
5:00 PM Networking Reception
Hors d’oeuvres and beverages will be served in the atrium.