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TracFruit Software

Keep records up-to-date, generate reports, analyze pest management strategies and improve Integrated Pest Management ("IPM") practice with TracFruit software. Instead of filling out several forms for different reports, enter the record once in Trac software. Trac creates reports for you, including an EPA Worker Protection Standard (WPS) Central Posting form and processor and buyer report forms for numerous companies.

License Fees:
  • A single Trac software is $60 each
    (TracApple, TracBerry, TracCherry, TracGrape, TracPear, or TracStoneFruit);
  • TracTreeFruit Bundle is $180
    (includes TracApple, TracCherry, TracPear, and TracStoneFruit);
  • TracFruit Bundle is $270
    (includes all 6: TracApple, TracBerry, TracCherry, TracGrape, TracPear, and TracStoneFruit)

Hardware and Software Requirements:

  • Microsoft Office Excel - For more details, click here.
  • Windows 98 (or above) or Mac OS 9 (or above)
  • Printer to print reports

Trac Software will not work in Office 2008 for Mac computers or in Open Office because Visual Basic Applications are not supported by these versions of Excel.

To license the product, please click the name of the software below:

TracTreeFruit Bundle
TracFruit Bundle

FAQ and Manual
Trac Software FAQ

Trac Software Manual

For commercial applications other than express licenses offered above, please contact

Carolyn Theodore, Technology Licensing Officer